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Himalayan Crown Quencher

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Our product tackles your hairs pain points, by ridding  your dry and itchy hair and scalp


  • Relieves dry hair & scalp
  • Relieves inflamed scalp 
  • Great for aiding protective styles
  • Detangles Hair
  • Hydrates hair & scalp
  • Conditions hair

Customer Reviews

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This may be long, but worth the read...
After a hair consultation with Jade, the Himalayan spray along with a couple other products were recommended to help with my dry and itchy scalp. When I use it I get instant relief, even though I'm inconsistent.

Fast forward 6 months later...
I thought I could not tolerate braids as a protective style because my scalp would become so irritated and flaky from the braiding hair. I decided to try again because I was going on vacation and I am in the process of growing my hair out. Jade informed me what to do to stop the itchiness and a routine to help keep my scalp and hair moisturized. The Himalayan spray was part of the routine. I am entering week 3 of this protective style with a healthy scalp!

Thank you Jade for your patience and expertise!

Terri Davis
Great Product

This spray keeps my locs moisturized and all the way together. I love it

Try it out for yourself

I was hesitant on making a purchase because I was worried that it wouldn’t work on my hair. Needless to say after a few days I noticed the change, easier to detangle, no more flaky scalp, no more scabs in my scalp, no more itchy scalp, my hair and scalp feel so healthy and moisturized. I never thought I’d find something that would help my hair stay hydrated. Our whole house uses the Himalayan spray.

Taralynn Ennis

I love all the products I tried so far my hair feel amazing I definitely see a difference and my hair is looking fuller

Jerry Black
Great products

Awsome packaging to accompany phenonminal hair care products..

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