1. Does your product tackle  Dry & Itchy Scalp?

          -Yes, all of our products main focus is to tackle dry and itchy scalp.

     2. Will your shampoo strip my hair of its nutrients & moisture?

         -Yes & No, our shampoo is a clarifying shampoo so think of that in the terms of a deep cleaning shampoo it tackles the hard product build up that lays on your scalp and over your hair tresses but we also make sure your hairs natural hair nutrients are not stripped away we only want to rid of the grim and built up product.

     3. Does any of your products contain "Fragrance" or " Parfum" in it?

          - Absolutely NOT, when viewing about 90% of your hair and body products many will list a ingredient and title it "fragrance" or "parfum" and because brands don't have to disclose any of it's ingredients fully they will place these 2 words into their ingredients and your hair product you just purchased can contain harmful ingredients so next time you purchase a product just be fully aware you could be causing harm to your body by using this product. We only use pure essential oils in our products so your getting the full benefits of aromatherapy whether that range from helping you with depression, removing toxins from the body, or even helping to stimulate hair growth as well these are the true benefits of using pure authentic essential oils in our products. 

    4. Are your ingredients 100% organic?

        -While we gear towards being as organic as we possible, we are currently 80% organic due to our products containing water and water can not be organic.


    5. How do I figure out my Hair Porosity?

        -Check out our website and view our "Porosity Test" on our home screen pop up or in our search bar type in " Porosity test". This test will ask you a series of questions about your hair and help you figure out your hair porosity. 

    6. So if I purchase your product and it doesn't work does it mean that your product just isn't for me?

        We gear our products towards "Natural" hair so if your hair is natural just understand the black man and woman hair is a science so it could be that the hair product works but you need a few extra steps to helping you achieve your goal and also have a clear understanding of what your hair is needing if your looking for more understanding of your hair and need help establishing a hair regimen, book a consultation here.

    7. Will your product help with dandruff?

      -Yes, our essential oils are a huge help with helping to benefit our customers with ridding the scalp of dandruff. 

    8. Do you sell wholesale?

    • YES! Please send correspondence to info@ablissfulcrown.com so that pricing can be done for you. 

    9. Can I have a list of your ingredients?

    • Absolutely, we encourage those wanting to know what's in their products. Just send us a chat and ask and we would be happy to give you a list. 


    If needing a list of our ingredients please email us for further assistance at info@ablissfulcrown.com