High Porosity vs. Low Porosity: The Crown Chronicles

What's good, fam? 🌟 Have ya'll ever wondered why the same products your girl swears by make your hair feel like a crunchy mess? Why that one moisturizer has your sister's hair poppin', but leaves you looking like you got in a fight with an oil slick? Porosity, sis. It's all about that porosity. Let's break it down real talk style, learn how to test for it, and find out how to give your hair what it's screaming for with Blissful Crown's holy grails.

High Porosity Hair: The Thirst is Real

First up, high porosity hair. She's thirsty, honey. Real thirsty. But it ain't her fault – her cuticles are lifted, meaning moisture enters easily but slips out just as quick. Imagine having VIP access to the club but the bouncer won’t let you stay. Rude.

The Float Test

Grab a glass of water and a clean strand of shed hair. Drop it in the water. If it sinks faster than your spirits on a bad hair day, you've got high porosity hair.

Caring for Your Highly Pore-ous Hair

Your mission? Lock that moisture in.

  • Layer Up, Buttercup: Your hair's like an onion, it needs layers. After washing, use leave-in conditioners and seal with heavier creams or butters.
  • Protein Packs a Punch: Protein treatments are your BFF – they fill in those gaps like spackle on a wall.
  • No Heat, Just Heat Cap: Low heat when you're deep conditioning can be a game changer. No flat irons. Periodt.

Low Porosity Hair: Keepin’ It Tight

Now let's talk about our low porosity queens. These strands keep those cuticles shut tight like a savings account at the bank – nothing's getting out or in without some work.

The Slide & Squeeze Test

Run your fingers up a strand of hair toward your scalp. Feel bumps? That's your cuticles letting you in. No bumps? Girl, you got low porosity hair.

Giving Low Porosity Hair the TLC It Needs

  • Turn Up the Heat: Warm water and steam caps are your companions. They help open up those stubborn cuticles to let moisture sneak in.
  • Lightweight for the Win: Heavy products are a no-no. Think featherweight leave-ins, mists, and oils.
  • Patience, Queen: Work products into your hair gently. No rush, nurture each strand like the gem it is.

Blissful Crown’s Porosity Potion Cabinet

For High Porosity:

  •  Flax Seed Hair Cream: This stuff is like the holy grail of moisture for high porosity hair. Seals in that precious hydration like a dream.
  • Mango Balm: After you've got your moisture, seal the deal with this balm. It’s got the good stuff to keep strands plump with hydration.

For Low Porosity:

  • Rootz Moisturizing Leave-In: So light, so fresh. It gives your hair moisture without the weight.
  • Jojoba Scalp Scrub: Skip heavy creams post-wash. Rinse with this Herbal Scrub to give low porosity hair the love it needs without clogging up the cuticles.

The Crowning Conclusion

knowing your porosity is like knowing your size before you go shopping for that killer outfit. It just makes everything better when you know. So whether you're living that high porosity life or low, Blissful Crown’s got you. Empower your hair routine with knowledge and the right products, and watch your hair flourish like the royalty you are.

Drop your porosity stories, woes, and wins below and let's get this crown conversation poppin'. Remember, no two curl crowns are the same, but every single one deserves to shine. 

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