5 Myths about Natural Hair

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I enjoy watching the reactions from women who are looking to begin a healthy natural hair journey. When looking for tips and tricks to their journey it can be overwhelming because searching the web can be misleading. It took for me to become a Trichologist for me to fully understand natural hair, and the science behind it (YES! our hair is science). These tips and myths should help guide you in the right direction for obtaining and maintaining healthy hair:

Natural Hair is the Strongest

False! Our hair is in fact the weakest amongst other races, being cautious of how you care for your hair is important because doing too much of something can result in breakage thus creating more frustration on your end. Avoid overly doing protective styles, moisturizing the hair, or allowing for styles to be too tight. 



Washing less often is Best for our Hair

This is something we've been taught in the black community, that us washing the hair dries it out or damages our hair more. I am here to tell you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE wash your hair. Ask your self would you go longer than 1 day of washing your face or body? Your hair and scalp have a certain time frame in which you need to cleanse it before it starts to stink or dirt piles up. When product build up piles up on the scalp, this causes the hair growth to slow down, remember our hair grows .5-1 inch per month. The seasons will tell you how often you should wash your hair as well, spring and summer you want to wash weekly but not exceeding 2 weeks. Fall and winter should be every 2 weeks but not exceeding 3 weeks. If you are worried about losing your proper nutrients in your hair I recommend using a product with mostly natural ingredients in them. Blissful Crown Moisture Collection has a great selection with helping retain important nutrients in the hair and scalp.


Oil Fixes it ALL

Nope,nada.Oil is a great way to help the hair during many crisis it is facing but it can't fix everything. Some times you need to seek expert advice and get a better guide to your hair crisis. Not to mention if you're battling alopecia its over 10+ types of alopecia and some will need further attention than others. Another thing is that oil nor grease help with dry scalp, if your scalp is dry you need to moisturize it oil more so helps to seal in moisture. Scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist in most cases is the first step, or you can book an appointment with a Trichologist (hair and scalp specialist). You can schedule a consultation Here.


Trimming helps the hair grow

This is not true what so ever, trimming helps to rid your fried ends and stop the hair from splitting up the hair shaft. A healthy hair regimen is what helps you retain length and grow the hair. If you are battling with keeping a good schedule with your trims and dustings I recommend keep track with a Hair Journal, it guides you with finding a healthy regimen for your hair type specifically. 


Babies need nothing for the hair: I only say the first maybe 1-2 months you can add nothing to your little ones head, but soon after, you should consider finding something to helping their hair and scalp stay moisturized and healthy. With babies typically sleeping on their back they are more subject to dryness which can then lead to baldness. Consider a light oil such as coconut, almond. grape seed, etc these oils seep into the scalp with out the oily scalp like other oils do (olive oil, Jamaican oil, castor oil, etc). I recommend using Blissful Mango Balm which is made with light oils and helps with eczema, and cradle crap.  




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