Washing how often?

Washing how often? | The Love Line LLC
Jade Boddie

I truly meant what I said when I stated “New Year New Hair”. I want Black men, women, & children to gain soo much insights to their hair this year of 2019. 

So I feel all through the year 2018 I came across several women (more than I would like to) who indicated they only wash their hair maybe 1 time monthly and many went so far as to saying that they wash their hair 1time every 3rd month 😱 I’m sorry if this offends you but that is gross!!

Take it as you want but I’m here to help promote healthy hair and if you wouldn’t wash your body 1 time every 3 months DO NOT do this to your scalp. Your hair should be washed weekly and you can also do biweekly washing when the cold season approaches also. 

I encourage weekly washes mainly because product build up sits on your scalp and can even create a wax on top of your scalp, this is why your scalp itches and your hair may feel it’s not growing as much as you feel it should because of that product buildup. So if you grew up being told a dirty scalp means your hair is growing, sorry but this isn’t true 🤭

I hope this makes more sense as to why I encourage hair washing. So PLEASE wash your hair! 

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