Trimming your Curls✂️

Trimming your Curls✂️ | The Love Line LLC
Jade Boddie

How often are you trimming those curls? this truly does matter to you growing healthy and beautiful hair. Your hair begins to split around 3 months so shaving away those ends every 12-16 weeks will keep your hair healthy. I want to get into debunking a few myths we've been told in our life:

You can Repair your ends with a hair care treatment: ❌

  • Sorry to hurt anyones feelings but this is not true, just cut those dead ends and rid them already 

Your hair grows quicker with trimming your ends:⛔️

  • I was told this all through my life " You know if you cut your hair it will grow back quicker" the main benefit of trimming your ends is that it helps hair from further splitting up he hair shaft, as a result of doing this your hair grows longer and stronger.

Now that we have gotten a better understanding of what the hair trimming doesn't do for you let me help you with what it does for you:🌱

  • Prevents those knotted hairballs
  • Cuts down on detangling by half 
  • Retain Length
  • Provides a thicker & fuller look 

Ok so I don't want to ramble on much longer so let me get to the point you surely are waiting on, and thats how to determine your hair needs the Trimming:

  • Obvious split ends (Going in all types of directions when you grab the end of your hairs)
  • Your Ends break and snap easily (not at the roots)
  • Thin hair
  • Dull ends
  • You can see through your Ends
  • Or your hair just simply isn't growing 😞



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