Healthy Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair

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Healthy Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair | The Love Line LLC
Jade Boddie

So your wanting more tips on growing and maintaining healthy hair? if so I just want to say I LOVE YOU! I love that you are wanting to start or even just maintain healthy hair, I have a few great tips for you to follow below.

Nurturing from the Inside out 

So I get you want a product that will just miraculously make your hair grow well and I mean this with a drawn out well too! thats not all that is required to grow beautiful hair you have to take care of yourself from within. Which means drinking plenty of water & intaking the right amount of nutrients daily.

What's your hairs Porosity?

Porosity is the ability to retaining moisture in your hair, this is a very important part of maintaining healthy hair as well. We recommend reading more in detail of this topic in our 'Hair Porosity" blog, which will show you how to see what your hair porosity is and how to better maintain your hair and finding a good hair regimen to follow.

Let those dead Ends Go!

We at times tend to be so caught up on achieving length solely we miss the part of shaving our ends, although clipping your ends doesn't mean it will ultimately lead to longer hair growth, it does help with preventing your hair from having to be further cut more if you stay on top of your ends being trimmed. It varies on how often you should get them touched up some may say every 6-8 weeks I say do it when you see fit.

Work in Sections

Everything should be done in 4-6 sections. This helps with several things 1 being it helps distribute product evenly through out the hair whether that be when your pre-pooing, conditioning, shampooing, etc. This also helps with avoiding tangles the first time I had tangles from not sectioning I regretted it and it was a hassle working through my hair. 

Penetrating oils should be used

So every oil that is indicated great for the hair is truly indeed just that, BUT not every oil & butter can be used in the way we think it can be used. Example shea butter is an amazing moisturizer (aka sealant) but the issue is it only coats the hair it doesn't penetrate through the hair. We recommend using our "Love Drops Hair oil" we have provided all the right penetrating oils blended together to help maximize hair growth and provide shine and softness to your curls.

Clean scalp WASH your hair

So its funny growing up even into my well 20s I was always saying" I don't wash my hair only once a month if that" I had a woman tell me that is nasty wash your hair haha I didn't fully understand her point of this until last year when I began researching more on growing natural hair. A goo wash needs to occur ever 1-2 weeks summer/spring=weekly and fall/winter=Bi-weekly. If you do not wash your hair & scalp your hair risk not growing due to product build up. Oh and another thing it is a myth that if your scalp is itchy that means your hair is growing. Yeah I know I was shocked at this as well.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

With the right leave in conditioner which we highly recommend our "Love Spell Leave-in Conditioner" this makes for a great hair moisturizer. So after you shampoo & deep condition your hair consider opting for a leave in afterwards. 

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