Keepin' It Clean: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Weave Braids 🚿✨

Alright, ladies, gather 'round because we're about to dive into the sacred ritual of keeping those braids looking fly and feeling fresh. Whether you're rocking box braids, knotless braids, or any other woven wonder, cleanliness is key to maintaining that crown. So, here’s the tea on washing your weave braids without causing fuzz or drama.

Step 1: Prep and Protect 🛡️

First things first, let's get that prep work in. You have 2 options on how you would like to wash your scalp and braids. These 2 methods work great with reducing frizz.

Option 1: Grab A Wash-Cloth and shampoo, its simple. just take a rag and apply warm water to it and a small amount of shampoo.

Option 2: Apply a wave cap, weave cap which ever over you prefer over your braids and take a bottle of diluted shampoo (Hydration Shampoo) and water.  

Step 2: Focus on the Scalp, Queen 👑

Option 1: Drench the rag with water and apply a small amount of shampoo to a rag 

Optioin 2:  Apply that concoction directly to your scalp between the parts. Now massage that magic potion into every nook and cranny of that scalp with the pads of your fingers – definitely not your nails. Keep it gentle to prevent frizz and keep your style tight.

Step 3: Smooth It Down the Length 👋🏾

Hold up! No scrubbing those braids like last night's pots, sis. Gently squeeze the shampoo down the length of your braids. The suds will do the job as they slide down, trust. Let gravity be your assistant today.

Step 4: The Grand Rinse 🌊

Now for the rinse – it’s crucial. Lean back into your sink or shower and let the water flow from the roots down. No rubbing, no circular motions; just a steady stream of water doing the work. We're maintaining that sleekness, baby!

Step 5: Conquer Conditioning 💪🏾

Conditioner on braids? Yes! But let’s keep it lightweight. Blissful Crown's Featherlight Leave-in Conditioner will moisturize the strands. . 

Step 6: Another Round? Rinse Again! 🔄

Back under the water you go! Time to rinse out that conditioner. Same drill – from the scalp down, smooth and easy. 

Step 7: The Squeeze-Down Technique 🔧

Hold your braids in sections and squeeze gently to get excess water out. It's a workout, honey, but your arms will thank you later (hello, toned biceps!). This step cuts down on drying time and keeps your braids from getting weighed down.

Step 8: Blot, Don’t Rub! 🚫

Grab a microfiber towel or a soft t-shirt. Lay your braids on the towel and gently pat to absorb that extra moisture. We're avoiding frizz at all costs. Rubbing is banned, periodt.

Step 9: Air-Dry or Cool Blow-Dry? Your Choice 🌬️

Let your braids hang loose and air dry, or if you’re in a rush, a blow dryer on cool setting will do just fine. But remember, we're not trying to cook your braids, we just want to dry them. Cool air, mild heat, keep your braids neat.

Step 10: Oil It Up

Last, but not least – seal in that moisture. Give your scalp and braids some love with Blissful Crown's Crown Oil It’s got the good stuff for your roots and will add a subtle sheen to your braids without the grease.

And there you have it, Queen! Your braids are washed, your scalp is fresh, and your hair is still looking tight and right. Go ahead, admire your work, fluff those braids, and step out into the world with your crown held high. Keep slaying, stay bold, and let your natural beauty light up any room. 

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