Benefits of Prepooing

Benefits of Prepooing | The Love Line LLC
Jade Boddie

To define Prepooing, it is a conditioning treatment done prior to shampooing. It helps the hair increase moisture content, along with a few other amazing benefits which include:

  • Improves Manageability- Helps soften the hair 
  • Preps the hair for Shampoo-Wash day can bring a toll on your tresses including the shampoo stage due to it being stripped of it nutrients to cleanse the hair fully prepooing before the shampoo process helps with providing a baracade to stripping too much nutrients.
  • Makes Detangling easier- Having the perfect slip you need to remove any tangles and bow tie knots with gentle ease.

Thankfully we have our Activated Charcoal Conditioner Cleanser which helps to lift product build up and debris on the hair and scalp. 

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