Caring for your Mixed Child's Hair

Caring for your Mixed Child's Hair | The Love Line LLC
Jade Boddie

Children who may have a African/Black parent can more so favor the parent who has the curly or kinky hair. If this is you then this article is something you want to tune in and read. 

I have stumbled across several groups through out Facebook and some even in other countries where the mothers are seeking assistance on how to manage their child's hair whose hair is nothing like theirs. I am so glad that I can give them guidance on their little ones hair.

Depending on how your child's hair is will be the direction in which you want to move towards with their hair. 

Fine Hair which is loose curls you will want to mist their hair and detangle prior to washing it, this is an important stage simply because you will cut down on the tangles, less tangles= less frustration on your end.

If your child has thick/coarse curly hair same step will apply, you will want to detangle the hair as well, especially with their hair being thicker this can mean the curls interlocking with one another and can be a bit more difficult to deal with if not properly detangled from the beginning. Trust me my daughter has this type of hair and it's almost like velcro. 

You will want to be sure to wash their hair after you detangle this can be with shampoo and or just conditioner. For fine hair shampoo followed up with a conditioner rinse or leave in will be good for their hair type. When it comes to the coarse hair conditioner rinse out will be good followed up with a leave in conditioner cream or spray. 

Be sure you seal in moisture this is a really important part when it comes to helping to keep moisture sealed into your little ones hair. At times the hair may become dry and a great way to hydrate the hair is with water try to use this step first, then follow up with a leave in conditioner or a cream this will help moisturize the hair. With sealing in the moisture I recommend using a light oil or balm thats not going to leave a oily residue behind oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, etc. Our Mango Hair Balm is not only blended with light oils but amazing variety or fast absorbing butters as well. 

If you are looking for great products for your child's hair i recommend using our Children's Citrus Moisturizing Hair Collection 

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